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Cruiser Indianapolis (CA-35) Division, USNSCC

Navy Reserve Center-Indianapolis




Posted by LTJG Sauter on October 8, 2014 at 12:05 AM

It has been an honor and a pleasure to be CO of this division and as WO Snair takes the helm I know that it is in great hands. With the dedicated staff of Cruiser Indianapolis we are ascending to great heights in the future. Thanks to WO Snair as XO for the past 2 years. Thanks to LCDR Gill and LCDR DeWitt for all the support and guidance. Thank you to LT Witte, ENS Beall, INST's Kinkead, Smith, Kinsey and HMC Egan for the awesome dedication to the unit. And thanks to other officers in the Corps in other units whom I have met.


As of yesterday afternoon I decided I can't fully leave the Corps at this point. I love the mission too much. I just can't leave the cadets and all the officers who I consider my friends just yet. I will be the units Recruiting and Public Affairs Officer which gives me a flexible schedule to work with and the chance to spread the word around Central Indiana of our great unit. Thanks to all the parents for support and friendship and, of course, the cadets, who we do all this for!!

LTJG Sauter

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