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Cruiser Indianapolis (CA-35) Division, USNSCC

Navy Reserve Center-Indianapolis



Cadets in Summer Training

Posted by LTJG Sauter on May 14, 2014 at 11:40 AM

I am very pleased with the participation in summer trainings this year.

So far we have confirmed billets for Recruit Training at RTC Great Lakes for Cadets Christy, Dobbs, Halloran, Holtz, Leming, Montgomery, Murphy, Richey, Sheline, Smith, Swan, Tucker and Whitlow.  We are awaiting orders for one more for RTIL.

Cadet Russell is attending RT at Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania.

Cadet Nemeth is confirmed for LO at Fort Custer.

PO2 Compton will be staffing Recruit Training at Camp Pendleton, California.

Cadet Holtz will be attending MAA training in Florida and sailing aboard the Manatra on Lake Michigan after his recruit training this summer.

Cadet Leming will be aboard the Grayfox after recruit training.  Cadet Richey will head off to Marksmanship training in Illinois after RT.

Cadets Breen and Snair are going to small boat training in Norfolk.  After that Cadet Snair is going to communications/electronics training in California.

BZ to all!

LTJG Sauter

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