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Cruiser Indianapolis (CA-35) Division, USNSCC

Navy Reserve Center-Indianapolis



Some Updates...

Posted by LTJG Sauter on August 14, 2013 at 12:30 AM

This is an update on items coming up.


1-  Joint drill at the Mattoon Air Show 24/25 Aug in Mattoon IL.   Email has been sent already with specifics. Many have responded with your intentions on attendance and I thank you. Regular drill at NOSC is 7/8 SEPT


2- Our Division sponsor, the Navy Club Ship 35, is having a cookout on 31 Aug from 1100-1600 at the Veterans Center at 59th St and Lee Rd in Lawrence at the old Fort Harrison.  They have been kind enough to invite everybody to attend.   This is an opportunity to take a look at what will most likely be our new headquarters starting next summer!  Come and eat some good food and meet some Navy Veterans.  They are excited to get to know the cadets and our Division better.


3- Plans are proceeding to close the NOSC at 30th and White River.  I was given a date of 09JUL14 for closure by the Navy.  The new NOSC is located on 59th Street in Lawrence at the old Fort Harrison.   The new NOSC is smaller and there are already space issues for the Navy.  It is going to be very crowded in there. As a result we have been looking around for alternatives and found a good one thanks to our sponsor, Navy Club Ship 35, in the Veterans Center at the Fort.  It is across the street and just a short walk west of the new NOSC.


 They have offered a good size area to be built out for our office/storage etc. plus use of the facility including a large conference hall.  There is an outdoor picnic area with grills and a new mess being built (I'm thinking maybe we can get a few parents to come and prepare lunch for cadets on drill weekend, grilling burgers etc. hint, hint. Its better than stuffing them with greasy pizza!) plus a great Army/Navy souvenir store that they can open up for us.  


The location is right by the Commissary and Exchange, Indiana National Guard Armory, new NOSC, Fort Harrison State Park and a running track plus woods and more.   Myself, WO Snair and LCDR Gill have visited and are excited about the move and think it will open many additional possibilities for the cadets.  While we will miss the history and atmosphere of Heslar we must look forward to great opportunities over the horizon!  The veterans in the Navy Club Ship 35 have been VERY accommodating and enthusiastic about us joining them.  At this point it looks like a go for our move to have the space and still be by the NOSC to interact with the Navy for training etc.  


4- I am very happy to welcome aboard new officers!


INST Don Kinsey, transferred from Charleston, South Carolina.  He was aboard the Yorktown Division and he and his son are involved with Cruiser now.  He is in management with Caterpillar in Greenwood.  He will be our Operations Officer.


INST Mark Smith, has been with us for a year but has made it official now and has been a great help in the past.  He is on the board of the USS Indianapolis Museum and works for an architectural firm.  He is our Personnel Officer.


INST Ryan Sheline has joined and he is engaged to a Petty Officer at the NOSC.  He is a firefighter and also works at Home Depot and is an enthusiastic addition to the staff.  He is helping with training and will be our Supply Officer.


INST Jordan Kinkead left the Navy in February and brings expertise and knowledge of the Navy in joining us.  He was a Petty Officer 2nd Class and served aboard an aircraft carrier and overseas in Japan and Bahrain.  A natural fit for him is Training Officer!


LT Dave Witte, our past CO, was offered a position back in Indiana and will be staying with the division.  He will be living in Bedford but will be making the trip up when possible and also is available for consultation.  I'm glad that he is back in the state!!


As we are all volunteers in this great organization I want to thank them for giving up their time to further the goals of the Corps in developing our cadets to fine young men and women. They will help the Division run smoothly and bring fresh ideas and opportunities for the cadets.  I can't say enough on how blessed Cruiser is to have a full contingent of officers!


5- If you know of any young men and women that might be interested in joining us please have them contact me.  We want to make this a great, dynamic division this coming fiscal year.  Your cadet will get credit towards the Recruiting Incentive Ribbon for bringing new cadets on board!


Thank you for your support of the cadets and our Division!



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